The Mainstream Media Is Addicted To Profiling Trump Supporters

Jenna Johnson of the Washington Post
Jenna Johnson of the Washington Post

The most popular nonfiction book is Hillary Clinton’s memoir of the 2016 election, What Happened. Donald Trump is “Mr. 30 Percent,” with an approval rating stuck below 35 percent for weeks – an approval rating that has never been in positive territory and has been collapsing since he assumed the office after getting less votes than the other candidate. Yet, still, the media continues to be addicted to profiling Trump supporters.

The latest such effort is Jenna Johnson of the Washington Post, who informs us, “I spent a few days in NC, where many conservative voters consider themselves Trump supporters, not Republicans.”

This doesn’t tell us anything, just like the last 20 profiles of Trump supporters, which usually takes place in states where Trump won. It’s another “water is wet” story and part of the mostly white world of journalism insisting that the people who look like their parents and grandparents must continue to be heard, to the exclusion of everybody else’s point of view.

The mainstream press in America is like a drug addict with these stories, only unlike a drug addict they aren’t sympathetic at all. Instead, they continue to undermine democracy by marginalizing necessary and vital voices – in this instance, the voice of a plurality of the American people, in a perverse distortion of the media’s main job.