The New Republic, Who Gets Everything Wrong, Opposes Occupy Wall Street

If you haven’t been playing along at home, you’ll remember the New Republic as the opinion magazine that:

* Supported Joe Lieberman for President
* Supported the Iraq War
* Consistently supported the corporatizing of the Democratic Party
* Publishes the hate tracts of Marty Peretz
* Is wrong on everything

So it should come as no surprise that TNR opposes Occupy Wall Street. It’s main argument is along the lines of the traditional TNR argument, that some elements are just too radical, too left-wing for a mainstream liberal to be in favor of.

Much like Fox News’ opposition to Occupy Wall Street, this should be seen as a well-earned endorsement by the protest movement. TNR is almost always wrong on everything as an institution (they do have the occasional smart writer who breaks out of its DLC-neocon box, but that’s the exception to the norm).

The left, and specifically the Democratic Party, failed America when it adopted Republican-lite economic policy. The New Republic was one of the chief cheerleaders of that folly. Consider the source.