Yet Another Big Lie From Breitbart’s Big Journalism

I know this will shock some of you, but Andrew Breitbart and his team at Big Journalism (and Big Government, and Big Peace, and Big Hollywood, etc.) often make up stories. They just out and out lie. This explains their success within the bastardized world of conservative “journalism” where the truth is the inconvenient bit.

Add this one to the “Big Lie” pile. Here’s Ron Futrell, trying to make the case that the media is responsible for creating the image of Obama attempting to unite the country:

Here’s just one example of the story line from 2007 with this little bit from the Washington Post about Obama, “he has the capacity … to unify the country and move it out of what he called “ideological gridlock.” Wow, good thing we don’t have gridlock and we hired the guy for the job who could stop it with a beer summit or the wave of his magic cigarette.

Whenever I see conservatives use ellipses, a warning bell goes off indicating that there’s trouble afoot. So, here is the text from the story Futrell links. I will highlight what he chose to excerpt and you can read for yourself what he left out on purpose.

Drawing a sharp contrast with Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, his main rival for the Democratic presidential nomination, Sen. Barack Obama said in an interview that he has the capacity she may lack to unify the country and move it out of what he called “ideological gridlock.”

To make that really clear, Futrell has taken Dan Balz’s reporting on what Obama said about himself and magically attributed it to The Washington Post’s expressed opinion. I’m not fan of a lot of what the Post does, but they didn’t express an opinion here. They reported the words of a candidate for office. You know, reporting?

Futrell does this because he knows 99.9% of the people on the right who will read what he wrote will never click through, but even for someone in the Breitbart stable this is mighty dishonest.

On purpose.