Maggie Gallagher’s New Hate Group

Conservative anti-gay marriage crusader Maggie Gallagher has a new group, and she talked to National Review about it.

Frank Turek is a man whose contract was terminated by a major corporation when human resources found out he had written a book opposing same-sex marriage. He is on the front lines of an emerging trend we are hearing about: people losing jobs or other economic opportunities because they have written, spoken, donated, or otherwise peacefully exercised their core civil rights on behalf of marriage as the union of husband and wife.

Frank’s day job is leadership seminars for Fortune 500 companies. He also runs a ministry and has written a book against same-sex marriage titled Correct, Not Politically Correct: How Same-sex Marriage Hurts Everyone.

For many years Frank Turek has done seminars for Cisco, among many other companies. A student who attended his class Googled his name, found out he opposed same-sex marriage and said “I’m going to get Frank fired because he doesn’t represent Cisco values.” And this student succeeded.

So, this guys contract was terminated and he doesn’t provide seminars any more to Cisco when it turned out he was preaching hatred. Gallagher has somehow morphed that into him being fired. So, in other words, Maggie Gallagher is still being a hateful liar.