Hey, “Occupy Wall Street”… Dress With Some Dignity

A couple days ago I tweeted a link to this Reddit post that said the following:

You Want to Change the World? Dress with Some Fucking Dignity.
“Right here is some sincere guidance to US protesters: dress much better. I’m not kidding. You may possibly think you are paying homage to the peace-loving hippies, but the masses of America–the people whose help you’re going to need–fucking hate hippies. Take a lesson from the protesters of the 20s and 30s. Dress cleanly and neatly. Hell, wear a tie. Bear in mind, our great-grandparents have been the ones who effected true social change, e.g, the forty hour function week. Our pot-smoking mother and father failed in which our suit wearing excellent-grandparents succeeded.”–Some guy on Youtube

I present some pictures from the ongoing “Occupy Wall Street” protest:

Now, let us compare this to Civil Rights protesters in the 1960s, who actually accomplished something:

If you dress up like a dope-smoking hobo, expect to be treated like one and not be taken seriously. Get a haircut. Wear a nice shirt. Carry a sign with a message that makes some kind of sense to an average American.

It might work.