We Are Doomed

Obama, Boehner

The position of President Obama and the Democrats on the debt ceiling is terrible. It involves cuts to social programs, and a belt tightening philosophy precisely when the economic environment demands almost exactly the opposite sort of policy.

The problem is it is the best worst option available to us. The Republican proposals were even more austere and less useful in shoring up our economy.

The Overton Window refers to the concept of an idea slowly gaining acceptance until it becomes mainstream thought. The Overton Window has so shifted that the crappy Democratic proposal seems like a far better choice.

We are doomed.

We face gigantic problems in the country and in the world. But our political machinery is simply incapable of even acknowledging the problems, much less fixing them. An economy paralyzed by job loss is being discussed as a debt problem, for Christ’s sake.

We are going down the same road to austerity as England, and what they’ve had to show for it is stagnant growth — and oh, lucky for us, England has a far more extensive safety net for the middle class and unfortunate. When our economy seizes up as we feed Grover Norquist’s fetish for starving the beast, there’s not nearly enough of a cushion for those who need it.

We are doomed.