New CNN Poll Shows Public Supporting Obama & Rejecting House GOP on Debt Ceiling

In CNN’s new poll on the debt ceiling we see that more people support the type of proposal being promoted by President Obama, and not the extremist offering from House Republicans. 34% support the GOP’s position of only spending cuts, while an overwhelming 64% support a mix of cuts and tax increases.

52% find the President has acted responsibly, while only 33% say the same of the House GOP — while 63% rightly say the Republicans have not acted responsibly.

If the the ceiling isn’t raised, only 30% say President Obama is responsible, while 51% would blame the GOP.

When they are asked what to cut and who to tax, people say hands off farm subsidies, pensions for government workers, medicaid, medicare, and social security. A thinner majority (52-47) supports defense cuts, while there is huge support (70%+) for ending subsidies to big oil, increasing the tax on private jets, and increasing taxes on those making over $250,000 a year.

This is an almost across-the-board win for the positions Democrats have mostly pushed — but the media and the right keeps acting as if the fringe tea party position has any serious support. It is seriously out of whack.