The Warning Light Is On

The jobs report today came out and the numbers are anemic. Yes, we’re adding jobs (as opposed to the massive losses in the final months of the Bush administration), but it isn’t remotely enough. The stimulus wasn’t big enough and it wasn’t focused enough on job growth. This is a result of America being stuck in a conservative posture on economics, from the President on down to the congress.

The answer now is not “cut the deficit.” It never has been. Sometimes you just want to take our leaders and turn their heads away from cable news and the op-ed columnists and say, “Look, dammit, this problem needs fixing and people don’t give a crap if the Wall Street Journal editorial board is happy!”

The really sad thing is, like many of the problems affecting America, we know what the right thing to do is. There are many national problems screaming for us to fix them. We were able to do this in the past, but a witch’s brew of conservatism and Democratic paralysis is contributing to our ship sinking while we slap ourselves on the back for arranging the deck chairs in an impressive orientation.

On problems like employment, economy, education, health care, the environment, national security, etc., we know what has to be done but there hasn’t been the political will and leadership to do them. Our failures to act on the most important issues of today are damaging America in ways we will feel for generations.

This country fought and defeated a depression, the British monarchy, and the Nazis. This country landed on the moon, cured Polio, and created one of the most powerful economic engines in the history of man. We ought to be able to handle the problems we’ve got today.

But we can’t. Or, more honestly, we won’t.

What the Hell?