Greece Uprising

Man, this sounds familiar.

Tens of thousands Greeks rallied in central Athens on Sunday to denounce politicians, bankers and tax dodgers, as the government prepared to inflict another bout of austerity demanded by its international lenders.

“Thieves – hustlers – bankers,” read one banner as more than 50,000 people packed the main Syntagma square outside parliament to vent their frustration over rising joblessness as austerity bites, blaming the crisis on political corruption.

“Instead of going after tax cheats, they are raising taxes and cutting working people’s pay,” said Yannis Mylonakos, 34, who lost his job at an advertising agency.

America’s situation is not nearly as far gone as Greece, but at a certain point the robber baron apologists who think the deficit and low taxes for the uber-rich are the most important things in the world and not jobs for ordinary people are going to get some serious pushback.