Report Proves Conservatives Lied About Slow Snow Removal By Union


The councilman, Daniel J. Halloran, became something of a national news celebrity for a more than week. Commentators said his evidence showed how public employee unions were harming America.

But on Friday, a report by the city’s Department of Investigation said that investigators, after interviewing more than 150 witnesses and reviewing video from surveillance cameras and from angry residents, had found no evidence of an organized slowdown. In fact, the report found, Mr. Halloran had no evidence for his accusation, and his account of conversations with two workers differed sharply from what the workers told investigators.

“In toto,” the report said, “Mr. Halloran’s information about city employee statements contributed no actual evidence about a possible slowdown.”

It’s almost as if conservatives, Republicans, and the conservative media pushed a fraudulent story simply to kick unions in the balls as part of the decades-long attempt to bust unions and screw over working-class people. Wait, that’s exactly what happened.

FLASHBACK TO JANUARY: Right-Wing Media Dubiously Blame Unions For Slow NYC Blizzard Response